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Helium tank, balloon and package

Leland Limited, Inc. has partnered with Eurotre S.R.L of Italy to produce unique packaged gas products, such as Party Time Helium Gas cylinder, for North America. Both Leland and Eurotre have the philosophy to produce high quality products which serve a purpose in their respective markets.


Leland Limited Inc. has been in the packaged gas business since 1965. Based in New Jersey, they have built their business on fair and sustainable trade practices. Ensuring that recyclable steel is used for all their gas filled products and educating the customer has been a trademark effort.

The base specification used to produce this range of products is ISO11118 and the US Department of Transportation not only accepts this, but they issued an approval and perform inspections on site in the manufacturing facilities. Leland also is registered to the ISO9001 Quality Management System, a comprehensive program to ensure quality at every aspect of our operations. Leland’s quality policy: Leland's management team is committed to empower all employees to be able to produce and deliver products and services which meet and exceed customer expectations through a process of continual Quality Management System (QMS) improvement. 

In addition to Leland having a cylinder processing and distribution facility in New Jersey, shown here, our Eurotre partners in Italy have extensive manufacturing capabilities at their modern facilities as well. Visit Eurotre


We have a long history in the gas industry. Our goal for you is to enjoy our gases in a safe and reliable fashion and to that end, we wish you well.

The Leland Gas Technologies Team

Leland Gas technologies facility in South Plainfield New Jersey USA
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