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Very convenient!

The empty tank can be recycled with regular household items.

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You control the theme of your party with Party Time Helium.™ Instantly transform the mood and spirit of your event with festive joyful balloons you choose.

Party Time Helium™ Balloon Inflation Kit

for home & office use.

  • Simple to use – Twist the valve and fill your balloon.

  • Theme your own party – You pick your balloons to best fit the occasion.

  • Small footprint – Easily stores in a space similar to a wine bottle.

  • Enough Helium to inflate 15 balloons of 9” diameter and 10 balloons of 12” diameter.

  • Environmentally smart design as the empty steel cylinder is easily recycled. No returns needed, just place in your household recycling.

  • Fast and convenient, you make any celebration colorful in an instant.

Party Time Helium™ Balloon Gas is packaged in the industry-leading smallest gas cylinder possible. It is roughly the size of a wine bottle. The small size is easy to manage and transport to your home or office. At only 9 square inches, you don't have to struggle with or store a propane sized tank.*


The simple twist-on twist-off gas control valve, similar to a bike tire valve, allows for easy fill up of up to 15 balloons of the 9” latex size category and 10 balloons of the 12” latex size category. Party Time Helium™ Balloon Gas does not come with balloons or string so you can THEME exactly the party atmosphere you desire!


* Propane BBQ tanks are very large and bulky. Often, these are filled with Helium at a very low pressure. Our Party Time Helium™ cylinder is under high pressure and only has the footprint of a wine bottle.

How to Use your Party Time Helium Gas 

Recycling Party Time Helium Gas Cylinder

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Recycling is everyone’s responsibility. We have made this easy for you. Once the cylinder is empty, you need to recycle the steel cylinder with your household recycling. You are provided with a simple two-step process: ensure the inside pressure is zero (empty) and apply the provided oversized sized “EMPTY” label.

Specifications + Technical Data
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